Microplastic Pollution from a Surprising Source – The Fire Island News

Living next to the ocean all summer it’s practically impossible not to see some form of plastic floating over the waves, whether it’s from an old shopping bag or a helium balloon. Experts have also highlighted the existence of masses of garbage floating around the oceans, namely the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, where trash conjoins to form islands of waste. However, we don’t often think about the plastic in the ocean that we can’t see and most of us don’t even know that it’s there.

Rangers Crackdown on Nude Sunbathing in Carrington Tract – The Fire Island News

After Hurricane Sandy rocked the shores of Fire Island, changes took place up and down the coast. Some of them were made necessary by the storm, while others were imposed by organizations or government entities. One such change was the enforcement of the state law against nude sunbathing at Lighthouse Beach. Now it seems a similar increase in enforcement of state law is occurring at the nude beach on the Carrington Tract between Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines